Monday, October 1, 2012

Me By Not Me (Again)

My portrait painted digitally by artist Dnyaneshwar Jagadale. Dnyaneshwar is a J J School Alumni, whose work has been featured in several exhibitions including the prestigious Jehangir Art gallery in Mumbai. He has also worked in leading art and animation institutes. He is the Art director at Fx School .

I am really privileged to have been painted by such a skilled artist. The likeness is so perfect..I keep staring at it and that my photo or my painting?  Am thrilled!!!!:):)
A link to the artist's blog:

Facebook link:


dnyaneshwarjagadale said...

Thank you so much for such a respect Kasturi. i am so happy the you have added some information about me on your blog.thank you again :-) if you dont mind then also you can add my blog link and face book link too

dnyaneshwarjagadale said...

yes all correct. and thank you so much for showing such a respect.I feel so happy to see my painting on your blog. it will be great pleasure if you can add my blog link .... and also face book link.. thank you once again kasturi :-)
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