Saturday, May 18, 2013


Oil on canvas with palette knives
12x14 inches

Blur is the essence of life. Nothing is hundred percent.It's the reds, blues and pinks which make life. Between the blur are the bold spots that we need to create and sustain!  
The sunday morning is complete with this artwork! I have been collecting canvasses but haven't been able to paint as much. Life has been hectic and robotic.I spent the first part of the morning with this and now am bounding to tackle the chores for the day. 
I chose different colours today. Am trying to use less of the reds for a change these days. The heat is on outside and I thought I should combat it best with more of cool colours on my palette.

The raaga which comes to me today and which is my favourite is raaga yaman.
here's a fusion piece for you to enjoy!:

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