Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quiet white

Oil on canvas with palette knives
12 x 16 inches


This is done from a photograph clicked of a rural house in Maharashtra by a friend of mine.I took the whole afternoon to work on this and finally completed it. A lot of my precious titanium white has gone into this! 
House facades are so interesting! Who knows what lies behind the facade? What stories each member has to tell? Between the facade and the house is the home! I often wonder as I pass by huts and bungalows, ,about the people who inhabit the bungalows. Whatever be their stories, a facade always looks steadfast, serene and solid.Quiet!

This house looked particularly interesting as it boasts of a modern rural India. the dish antenna is a tell-tale!

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Adi said...

This is gorgeous. This is what happens when I don't visit your blog regularly. You go and pull out some extraordinary surprises.