Friday, September 20, 2013


Oil On canvas with palette knives
12 x 16 inches

A deflection from my usuals,this! But truth be told. I must admit that it was not a planned event . What led to this artwork was sheer laziness mixed with a vengeance to paint at the same time.But in my mind I was looking for a cure to rid me of certain difficulties I was facing. Of course I demanded it from my art. When all else fails, art is always there to give me a solution. I was thinking of playing with some colours, though geometry isn't really my domain. But it was an enjoyable experience which kept me going at it till 3 AM! 

It is carnival time here in India, what with the Ganpati festival just over , only to give way to a host of others. It means festivities, get togethers, religious events, public events, friends, family and food! A labyrinth of colours is what you see in India at this time. But I have my own colours as each of us do. The world goes on. festivals come and go. Some things change some don't. 

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