Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tabla on the wall

This is a picture of my painting hanging on a wall in Australia. I do feel excited to see this framed so beautifully and occupying pride of place in someone's room. I think the brick wall just matches this artwork!

The tabla, a musical percussion instrument from India, has been an integral part of my life right since childhood. I started my Hindustaani classical vocal music lessons as a child and my guruji would play the tabla as I sang. Those days I used to just think of them as a means of boring accompaniment as I was too young to appreciate the beauty of classical music. Nevertheless they stayed on, even as I walked out of classical music, only to revive it years later. Now, I have a set of tablas in my living room and do I appreciate them!!!! I adore them and what they can do to uplift music! Am glad I immortalised their vivre in this painting!

My art is travelling places. High time the artist did too, what say?:)


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