Friday, November 1, 2013

Yours on Theirs!

Hi All! Happy Diwali and wish you lots of warmth and festive spirit!!! Am super excited...No I did not strike a lottery! Just that my artwork is up on my friend's beautiful home for Diwali!
When you are creating the artwork, you are only concerned about the details of perfecting the painting. After that comes the joy of gifting it or selling it to someone. My relationship with the painting usually ends there.

But the greatest delight and pride comes when you walk into a home which has your artwork hanging on the wall. A couple of months back, I walked into a young couple's house , only to be delighted to see one of my precious flower paintings hanging on top of a beautiful chest. The setting was perfect! I had gifted them this painting on an occasion. I cannot describe the feeling I had. I have so much artwork in my living room that there is a huge colour crash going on all the time and each one of them is always competing against the others to make a statement (tongue in cheek)!So none of them really stand out.

There are many other occasions where I have graced occasions  in friends' houses only to smugly admire my artwork displayed among other decor around their homes. It is a phenomenon called Artist's narcissism coined by your's truly!).
Another of my paintings on a friend's beautiful home below:

This is one of my most precious paintings , framed beautifully in blue by my friend to suit their decor:

Am now all energised for the Diwali!Off now for decorating the house and going out for some shopping!!!!Oh yes...don't miss out on some painting I may do, folks!!!!Who knows whose home it may land up in??

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