Sunday, June 14, 2015


Oil on Ceramic
Beauty is the deadliest thing that makes one alive! But is beauty in art about aesthetics? I think not. Ugly is most often beautiful, when presented artfully. I have gone through a lot of thinking. Representing reality in abstract form is an intervention. It needs intellectual stimulation. Thankfully, inspite of defined borders, art can be seamless. What is it that is striking in an artwork. It is the differentiating element. Something that intrigues, disturbs and needles the mind. Art is not about aesthetics but maybe the reason behind the lack of it in an artwork
Here's a poem I wrote about the duality of life using my life as a metaphor:
Die chotomy
She who lives everyday
She who dies everyday
She who laughs everyday...
She who cries everyday.
The world which admires her
The world which abhors her
The world which seeks her
The world which shuns her.
Where is she going
Where is she stopping
Where is her light
Where is her flight.
Is she a good angel
Is she a conniving witch
Is her heart of gold
Or is it steely cold. 

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