Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hues - filled plates.


A few more plates. These plates look good but do not fulfill my artistic cravings fully. The delight of applying colour to canvas and sliding the knife up and down is a different experience and has its own beauty!  However, they are good for a quick fix craving! Can be compared safely to a small cube of chocolate as opposed to a chocolate mousse pastry!
How many of us actually give vent to creativity. Do we not fill our time with television, movies and empty chatter. How beautiful instead to pen afew lines or draw a few things. Try it! Meanwhile, a poem penned by me few days back :       
Dystopian Heaven
The empty coffers were painted gold
The hollowed heart was filled with bold
The ugly town was lived with beauty...
The broken cottage filled with bounty.
The hopeless corridor hailed for the walls
The dark room praised for its black calls
The box of coins treated as the chest
The worst kings thought to be the best.
A trail of horror lived without tremor
A life of sorrow lived with humour
With Hell lived as the daily haven
Made into an enviable Heaven.

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