Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is my first post of 2012 and I so wanted it to be a painting! But the month is almost more than halfway through and I haven't painted! Some things have taken my life over in such a way that I haven't had the time to paint or even sketch or draw! My paints lie scattered, my brushes lie still and my very dear palette knives which I brandished so forcefully in the past few months lie abandoned!

In the past whenever I have announced on my blog that I am off art, it has always propelled  me to paint right afterwards! So it's with this very hope that I have posted this.  So I hope to at least start off with a small artwork this evening..

Meanwhile, am uploading this half done painting done to practice alla prima technique , with a live model .
It's a brush work done with oil paints. However, I couldn't finish the painting on the spot and later on tried to finish it a bit from memory, as I didn't have her snaps. this was done a few months back.

Another one done in a learning session with a male model is here, using same technique. I was still learning the technique when I was painting him. I made mistakes while blocking values here. But the model (who is a big artist himself) was very sporting and I didn't exactly get beaten up by him! :)
Blocking values is really crucial when doing portraits, as there is no messing up with the way someone looks:).

Finally, to make up for a long absence, I am also uploading a video of a performance by a friend of mine, who is a violin artiste,
Sunita Bhuyan. She is about to release her album shortly. So please watch out for more on her on my blog!

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