Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Commorancy- Oil on Canvas

A4 Size
I had to live up to my last post, written about an hour or so back. I fished out my paints and canvas and of course my palette knives and did this quick painting. I mean to do a few landscapes now. They have universal appeal and are good as gifts. I just gifted a small painting to a friend of mine who is going away. The look on her face was so motivating for me!

Habitats and dwellings always catch my fancy. Humans live in the real jungle as well the concrete jungle, and beautifully so, bringing a sense of regularity and timeliness to the setting! Looks like I am back, as my palette still has paints and I better use it tomorrow if I don't want to waste it!:)
A personal appeal:

Please take a look  at this video of my family friend Dr. Ashok Kembhavi who runs the Mumbai Marathon every year. His story is no ordinary story. He is an inspiration! This video is made by  Sushi Karnik.

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