Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ecdysis- Oil on Canvas

A4 Siz
There are times when we have to moult, shed our past and move on with what lies ahead. The present is turbulent, past dark but the future holds promise! This work is a mix of palette knife and a bit of brush work to do the background. this pic is clicked with my cell phone but i'll try to upload a better pic later.


Peekay said...

A superb work indeed Kasturi, especially trying evoke the the feelings so nicely within a A4 size painting. Liked the choice of colours which signifies the emotions within. The cell phone out put also is quite nice.

Adi said...

Has to be among your most evocative works so far. Reminds me of Amrita Shergill's early style.

Kasturi said...

@ Peekay.. Thanks.

Kasturi said...


Thanks...! It's an honour to be compared to Amrita Shergill's style.