Saturday, October 29, 2011


Acrylic on canvas sheet
I had some left over acrylic paints. Some of the colour was drying up and others were almost over. I decided to use the last bit of colours to make these flowers. I started this as a casual painting to relieve stress... My Yoga substitute , so Paintyoga!
I was happy doing this, though this work suffers from constricted colours, drying colours and asymmetry!
Think I'll hang it in a dark aisle to brighten it up!:)

I was listening to Raaga Jayant Malhar when I was uploading this. I don't know this raaga but I will learn it now! Am excited! 

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Adi said...

Impressive. There are many writers who credit specific pieces of music as inspiration for their works. Ian MacDonald includes a soundtrack with all his novels.