Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wait

This is a quick sketch done about a month back, in the Doc's waiting room, where I had gone to seek advice for some minor a allergy. This lady in the Burqa looked bored and tired, as if she had been waiting for a long time.
The most interesting aspect of this experience was trying to sketch her unawares. Once or twice she did look at me as I was furiously sketching, as two kids who were there were intrigued by what I was drawing and hovered around me as I sketched. Nevertheless, I managed to stealthily catch her posture successfully . I must say that this sketch resembles the woman to a considerable extent. I was tempted to show her my sketch once it was done. However I resisted, not knowing how she would react. Would she understand an art lover's inherent desire to catch a pose? I'd used a ball point pen on one of the rough paper bills lying in my bag. By the time my turn had come, I'd sketched her, the sofa in the room, the ac and one door! Also managed to entertain some curious onlookers !  

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