Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bhut Jolokia- Acrylic Sketch

Tried a quick sketch of the 'Bhut Jolokia', juxtaposed with an olive, both fruits growing in Assam, India. Bhut Jolokia, is the hottest chilli in the world.

I love the smell , which wafts from at least a meter and makes your tongue water. The beauty of this chilli is that it's a good appetizer and is supposed to aid in the therapy of gastric ulcers . The olive, on the other hand , is a green winter fruit (bigger than the international variety) and the olive trees, which are fast disappearing at least from  the urban areas in Assam, get laden with this fruit in the winter. I remember childhood afternoons when we used to pick them and eat them with salt. My daughter does the same now,  when we visit Assam in the winters. It also goes well with Dal and Rice as a boiled and mashed delicacy. Of course olive pickle is a big delicacy in Assam.
This was a quick sketch, meant to finish the very last bit of those acrylic paints.
I couldn't really capture all the crinkles, but I needed to hurry as I have a flight to catch. Let's see if I can do an oil painting of this bright chilli! Till then...

Oh yes, the raaga I'm humming today is Bhimpalasi.


Facts of Life said...

A chilli which isn't at all chillly!!:)

meera said...

we have a plant full of bhut jolokia peppers -- we are growing it just for fun! Its way way too hot for my tongue. nice sketch - tha inspires me to sketch them too.

Facts of Life said...

Hi Meera, It's nice to know that you are growing Bhut Jolokia! Am curious to know how you came across the seed?
I love eating them with rice and pure Assamese fish curry!