Friday, October 28, 2011

'Right flight'

This guy was fast asleep on a long flight , which I boarded at Delhi ( Capital city of India). He slept throughout the journey and was good sketching model for me.

This woman was just across the aisle and was fast asleep. But her next seat owner was very suspicious of my sketching her and I had to rush through this, as I didn't want to land in trouble.

I was in Delhi after a long time and was amazed at the way the airport had developed. It's now huge and impressive with scores of terminals . I sketched this at one of the terminals . t was early morning and there wasn't too much of a crowd.  

My people watching told me the following facts about people in airports and flights:

1) Most people in airports are either checking their mobiles, talking on the phone, are working on their laptops or sitting and staring. Very few of them read.

2) Most people on a flight sleep and few of them read or play games on their mobiles etc.

3) People in airports and flights are very suspicious of sketchers:). I bore the curiousity of everyone and   got disdainful but interested looks! 

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