Monday, May 2, 2011

Aroma's Panaroma- Oil on A4 Canvas sheet

This is a long abandoned oil sketch done on one of the Plein air assignments, with my sketch buddy on a sunday. Truth be told, I never completed the entire panaroma that I selected. This was a view of the "Aroma's' cafe in Hiranandani, and we had painted from bang opposite the street near the busy D Mart supermarket.

Well, there was so much disturbance and so many people that I couldnt concentrate on the painting. Moreover, we had to cut short the entire session as there was a "mom' emergency that my buddy had to attend to ( I had in one of my very early posts commented that art and family life do not go together!).

When I finally got to finish it now, there has been a gap of almost a month and I couldnt recall the finer details . But I will safely bask under Ayn Rand's saying.. Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist's metaphysical value-judgments!

I have used this canvas sheet for the first time. I wouldnt suggest it for seasoned oil painters, as we are more used to a hard or taut (stretched) surface .Good for learning sessions only. Doesnt take on bold strokes to bring about impressions of reflections etc. Maybe could be used for flowers or simple landscape, or some primary work in acryllic.

This is what I have at the end of it and add to it the crooked photograph ( living upto the expectations of my regular followers:), which I hope will help my viewers give some artistic leeway to the quality of my painting!

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