Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily Doodle

My drawing/ painting consistency has dwindled over the past 2 months. Wordly matters took me away from art for some time and it has gotten me into a painting inertia. To make a proactive beginning at drawing again, I have decided to start this daily doodle project. I aim to draw something or the other, every day!

I know its a tough deadline but of late the very fact that my drawing parapharnelia ( pencils, rubbers, paper, oils) are scattered , has resulted in my being too lazy to draw, as hunting for pencils is not included in my "artistic" longing!  So at least I hope this will make me come back !

I hope to start with my friend's long standing  and long delayed sketch tomorrow ( she has stopped asking me about it).

With that new benchmark, I hope I get some artistic dreams today. Subject ideas are welcome!

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