Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lotus Pond - Oil on Canvas Board12x 20 coms

Output of a Plein Air session in Borivali National Park, Mumbai, India. It was very difficult to choose what to draw, as we were out in the open in nature and two of us zeroed down on these flowers in the pond.

This one took more effort than I thought it would take. There was too much foliage in the pond and to do an oil painting was a little daunting.

However, I got my moment of truth when two talented photographers  requested me to allow to take a pic of my work in progress.

This is a snap of the work in progress clicked by Kapil Pandya : (Well the clarity in his photo can be easily contrasted with mine!!!)


Borivali national park is an interesting place , teeming with hobbyists.

Photographers with impressive cameras, freaking out on the wildlife there.

Painters ( especially watercolourists) painting beautiful, fresh sceneries.

I saw two cyclists with two very impressive looking cycles, who had some snazzy gear to strap the cycles on to the car!

Some people with hockey sticks in bags..(hockey???).

My most enjoyable moment was the gorging I did on leaffuls of raw cut mangoes, cucumber, Starfruit, sold by locals there!!


Arvind said...
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Facts of Life said...

Arvind...I plan to give a few finishing touchesonce it dries a bit.