Saturday, May 21, 2011

Off Art? KFC - Oil on Canvas Board 30 x 40 cms

Output of an early sunday morning exercise. KFC Hiranandani, Powai. Done on the spot. I painted from the opposite street, and luckily found a ready made easel for me , in the form of an ornate pillar, so much a part of the Grecian architechture there!I could easily spread my oils, paints and rags and paint luxuriously. My painting group consisted of 2 youngsters this time and a painting enthusiast/ fan(!!!) , who isnt yet a painter but is fast converting into one!

Just when I thought I was off art ( previous post), I fell headlong into art all over again and have been painting like a maverick all through the week!  Well..thats what art is about..spontaneity!

Preparations for this one and half hour event:

Negotiated by daughter for an early morning reluctant swim ( on my part) on saturday, so as to consent to come painting with me on sunday.

Convincing other youngsters over the week for this event

Bunking a lazy sunday morning in place of hurry scurry, paint stuff packing and driving down!

Well the results were sweet.

I worked very fast today. I have got a pretty good hang of Plein air now.

People in Mumbai are early risers!

Curiosity level of people towards plein air painters is high!

Crowd gathering is a constant, whatever time of the day you may be painting!


Powai said...

Hi, kasturi

Need permission to republish this post on with due credits and linked back to your blog.

Let me know.


Prachi said...
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Arvind said...
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Facts of Life said...

Prachi..Thanks for the comments.

Sure can do one more with pavement etc to give a more complete picture.

It was a little too early for KFC to open, so the treat remains pending!:)

Facts of Life said...

Arvind..Yes it shaped up quick. i have begun to get a fairly good command about composing an on the spot painting now.

Also the challenge is to know how to maintain the right balance between detail and impression, so you know what to keep and what to phase out from the real scene!
Yes pl give 120% encouragement. Need it!

Facts of Life said...

I have been highly inspired by Painter Karin Jurick who lives in the US. I love her style of using thick paints and creating everyday street/ peoplescapes in a realistic manner.

Prabal said...

This looks good. I think you should do more of plein air work. This has spontaneity.

Prabal said...

This has spontaneity. You should do more of plein air.