Monday, November 7, 2011

Of Bags, Biscuits and Bards

This lady was trying to open a biscuit tin on the flight, but she was so busy trying to see who was eyeing her biscuits, that she kept on looking steadily across the aisle. I didn't want to lose this opportunity of sketching her. Of course she regarded me as one of the biscuit watchers!

This guy was sleeping right next to my seat, clutching a camera in a bag, which he had fished out some time during the flight to check out some pix, which I couldn't help prying into! He was a young executive, who had gone to his home town for a break and was flying back to his place of work! 

As I upload this, I also pay tribute to a great maestro of Indian music, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika,who departed for his heavenly abode yesterday . He hailed from the Indian state of Assam and was a writer, composer and singer all rolled into one. We grew up listening to Assamese songs sung by him and I had the great fortune of seeing his live concerts many a times. He also largely contributed to the overall Indian music scene and directed movies and composed music and sang for Hindi films. He was popularly known as the Bard of the Bramhaputra (mighty river from Assam, India).

All in all a literateur , singer, composer, and revolutionary, a rare personna. May his soul rest in peace!

Below is the link to one of his songs in assamese, which was later also converted into Hindi and sung in the film Rudaali.

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