Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beacon - Oil on Canvas sheet

At times when one feels abandoned, what does one do? It's a black night, everything seems bleak.There is no one and there is no place to go.... but is there some light there? At the far distance, or is it a mirage?
Whatever it is, it seems to be showing some direction. That's the crutch, the destination and the goal.. Keep trudging, keep swimmimg in the dark till you find some light.

This is the plight of many a woman,especially in our country (India). Indian women have to ultimately be their own fortresses, or they wallow till they are swallowed by the gallows of society. When a woman raises her voice, she has to find her own light or face the wrath of society.
Will she find her beacon?

This night painting hardly matches with a morning raaga, but then I want to keep my word from my last post and then, opposites always make for good semantic differentials.
So here is Albela sajan, a song from a movie based on raag Ahir Bhairav.


Pranaya said...

Time to differ on note as it doesnt synchronize with the painting.
As usual ur hand is magical for painiting. The distant light what u envisaged as mirage is oasis for me - a certain n definitive goal the lady wants to reach. Its pharos and not the lost beacon. Lady always remembers she is strongest in the world. Has anybody else bore the labour pains that result in continuation of mankind?
I visualize the lady, not a symbol of love but love itself, as resolute and path treader for goal rather than path finder or beacon explorer.
I hope man finds the beacon to know the inner virtues of lady.
I am Still musically dumb

Adi said...

The Greek word for painter is "zographos" literally, a writer of life (zoi). So, that's what you are - a writer of life!