Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tulip fillip- oil on canvas sheet

Got inspired to do this for two reasons. One, I recently bought a few tubes of paint from a brand called Pebeo and was dying to use those colours.These colours are different from the usual Camel brand I use.

Secondly, my daughter came back from her art class very excited with a half done acrylic of tulips and was begging me to let her do some oils. So we had some mother- daughter painting session on oils. I made this with my knives , taking an idea from her tulip painting and I let her paint a landscape from a card with oils.

I was a bit distracted during this , as we shared the same palette , though she did brushwork ( and me-Palette- knives), but ultimately finished it.

Pebeo colours are bright and they have a wide trange, but I have actually started using more of a limited palette which is getting smaller in range by the day and all these colours actually do not make sense at the end of the day!

So at the end of this session what I had was this painting and what my daughter had was an evening where did what she loved (painting) and thus avoided what she disliked ( studying :- )).  !!!

P. S. I am editing this post by posting this latest sensation in music. It's a Tamil ( I think so) song that has gone viral over the net and it is really catchy. i do not understand the meaning, but it has caught on into my head!!

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