Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Poem and a Song

Since I do not have any artwork to upload, I am cheating with a small poem which I composed on my painting :)

Paint your pain and make a gain,
Paint till you faint,canvas you may taint,
With colours of life, and palettes of strife.

With homage to the late maestro Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, I am uploading one more of his powerful, revolutionary songs in Assamese, which has also been translated into Hindi and Bengali.
This song addresses the mighty Bramhaputra river which flows through the state of Assam, accusing the river of ignoring the fall of integrity in mankind and society and of not doing it's bit for contributing to the upliftment of
society and  quietly flowing through, absorbing all the evils and ills of human civilization.


1 comment:

Pranaya said...

The colors are either with nature or with beautiful people (no doubt nature and beautiful people are reversible). The brush strokes are with masters. I have no pain but urge to paint -so what do i paint?

Lend me ur colors n lend me ur brush I will paint over the pain of the humanity. If i cant, come along n teach me the way.