Monday, November 14, 2011

Revival-oil on canvas sheet 20x25 cms.

An oil painting after ages! It felt so good to be back to the familiar smell of turpentine!Oh! The gloss and grandeur of oils... How could I abandon you for acrylic for such a long time? I had been longing to get back to oils after my fling with acrylic. Acrylic was just a was short, sweet and gave instant pleasure but the depth and happiness as well as the gravity of oils were missing. This morning was so lovely, spent on this bouquet of roses done with my knives! So it was a double revival... of oils and knives.. Back to the pavilion. It often happens that the wanderer experiments but comes back home to familiar grounds. Because I know how the colour flows, how to slide my knife, how much medium will exactly do the trick and what will blend with what and how!

The raaga which goes with this is Ahir Bhairav, a morning raaga. I will upload a song based on this raaga in a later post, as I have to rush now. 


Pranaya said...

Knowldegeable will find difficult to see Raga Ahir is good or the oil paint. I am lucky,being musical illiterate, i find peace on oil though i miss the hydrocarbon aromas there

Facts of Life said...

Pranaya... Good one on hydrocarbons..what better can I expect from someone who dabbles in the earth sciences?
Never thought before but I know now how I have this 'oil'connection!